July 31, 2016

Every Day Seems Like A Holiday

This is my 1214th post on Not Buying Anything. Since Linda and I started this blog in 2008, we have been honing our simple living skills and sharing our insights with you, our readers, friends and mentors. There has been the odd rant, too. But the times are ripe for rantings, are they not?

The way things have been going since we started blogging, it has often felt like Survivor, with most of the institutions and foundations of our consumer-based, rich-get-richer system being voted off the planet one after another. Soon the simple living contestant will be the only one standing.

The rate of change has continued to increase since we started watching in earnest, and it is often difficult to get your bearings to see where this is all going. It is an important time to have good people around. Like all you NBA people.

The response to our blog has exceeded all our expectations, and it has been a great comfort to discover so many wonderful people that grace us with their presence and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, good humour, and general camaraderie on our blog for all to enjoy. For that we thank you from the bottom of our minimalist hearts.

Here are some of our stats since the beginning in 2008:

  • almost 1.5 million page views
  • hosted 4390 comments
  • published 1214 posts
  • our most viewed post is "Average House Size By Country"... hmmm
  • the country with the most visits is the US, rounding out the top three are the UK and Canada
  • we have had simple living visitors from almost every country in the world, because the yearning for simplicity is universal
  • over the past couple of weeks Russian visitors have been more frequent than any time before, and we welcome them to our growing community 

Plus my keyboarding skills are at an all time high.

As a matter of fact, keeping this blog has been so hopeful, educational, and engaging for us, that we have never taken any kind of break. And boy, are my fingers tired, not to mention my brain.

Now that the heat and humidity have settled in, we thought that now would be a good time to dial things back for a while to focus on our garden, sit quietly with a cold lemonade in hand, and regenerate.

Therefore, while we usually publish every Mon, Wed, and Fri, for the next while we are going off schedule. I may post material from the archives, or post new material irregularly, or maybe go off line entirely for a cyber-holiday... after getting caught up with reader comments (there is always something to be done).

We will see how long we can keep ourselves from ranting on the latest development, or sharing our latest good news, or hearing about yours.

Thank you so much for everything you have done to make the Not Buying Anything blog one of our favourite places on the internet.

Happy summer. Or winter. Regardless of season, happy simple living. May every day seem like a holiday.


  1. Anonymous7/31/2016

    Writing this blog must be a true labor of love. I've enjoyed being a part of the NBA community these years and am grateful for all the work, encouragement and attention you both have given to this blog. It's a much deserved break (although I'll miss you both) Enjoy!

  2. Anonymous7/31/2016

    Big Thanks to Linda and you for all the great work you put into this blog! It's always a pleasure to visit, and it's also very helpful and inspirational. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday ! :-)

  3. Anonymous7/31/2016

    I'll miss you, too.

  4. Anonymous7/31/2016

    I will miss you too. Thank you for your inspirational texts, I learned a lot here. Greetings from Slovenia, Mitja

  5. I read your blog a lot but comment rarely-thanks for your insight,humour and dedication to the simple life.
    Enyoy yourselves.

  6. I will miss you! Thank you for all the thought provoking posts and for helping me with my own journey to simplicity. Rest well :) and come back soon.

  7. LOVE your blog and have SO enjoyed learning and growing from (and with) you. Enjoy your time away; you will be missed :)

  8. Hi Gregg and Linda,

    enjoy your break, I'm sure you will come back freshly inspired. As for me, I may take a screen break entirely, or I may wander around the archives. Have fun :-)


  9. Anonymous8/01/2016

    I just discovered your blog this past year and am now on my second full reading through of the archives. I enjoy your writing and the sharing of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Enjoy your respite and I eagerly await your return.

  10. Erin White8/01/2016

    You have shared so much wisdom and truth, a happy holiday to you both! Erin

  11. Anonymous8/03/2016

    Enjoy your time away and your time together. Thanks for all that you do. - Mary

  12. Anonymous8/03/2016

    Hi Gregg and Linda,

    I have been reading your blog for a few years now ( but have never commented, actually this is my first comment on any blog - I'm shy) it is the best blog on the web. I look forward to reading your post everyday, and when there is none, I re-read the old ones, so much wisdom here. Thank you for all the work you put into it for all of us to enjoy. You and Linda are an inspiration to the world. I wish you both a simple, peaceful break. You will be missed. Rebecca Lewis

  13. After reading, and rereading, the wonderful comments from all of you we are thinking, "Wow - should have taken a break sooner." It is incredible to hear from regular commenters as well as first timers. We hope you will join us more often.

    Our hearts soar knowing that our blog has allowed us to connect with so many good people dedicated to a better, more simple world.

  14. Anonymous8/05/2016

    Enjoy! While you're on holiday I'm going to re-read those 1214 posts. I'll miss your peaceful and simple wisdom. Hope all is well with both of you. D

  15. Anonymous8/08/2016

    Thinking of you .Saffron

  16. Have a great time on your vacatons!

  17. Anonymous8/10/2016

    I'm another (semi) long-time reader, but first-time commentator. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. Whenever I find myself slipping into manic consumer mode, I come here for a bit of sane, sage advice. Happy vacationing!

  18. Anonymous8/14/2016

    It's nice to have some time away, although I miss my dose of NBA. Sometimes we need some time out, if we are strongly opposed to something we are still attached to it. Time is sometimes needed to connect with the natural world and the place around you, to experience the flow of the universe.

    I'm surprised that NBA doesn't have millions of hits, looking at the state of the planet.

    Peace, Alex.

  19. Hello....Hello....Is anybody out there? I wonder where they've gone. Hello....Hello....?

  20. Anonymous9/22/2016

    Thinking of you both and sending warm wishes Saffron

  21. Enjoy the vacation! I miss NBA though!

  22. Annie, we too miss our interactions on NBA.

    Miss Marla, you were an early adopter which greatly encouraged us to keep going. Thanks for your ongoing support and involvement.

    Marion, it is our pleasure. It has been a great summer staycation. We love our new situation on the east coast.

    Mitja, inspiration is part of our mandate. So many people have inspired us in our simple living adventure. It is truly a lovely global community. Hope things are well in Slovenia.

    Sylvia, thank you for coming out of the background to stand up and be counted. It is so much fun to get a better feel for the larger NBA community.

    Karen, would now be soon? I am getting the itch to write again. It is a beautiful thing to hear of others pursuing the gently path of simplicity. Congratulations. We proceed down this path together.

    Madeleine, It has been one of the most time-stretching, mind-settling summers of my life. It felt good to just live on our little piece of Earth and be present in the moment with my best friend.

    Anon, you are brave. This blog is an unconventional place, and that is a lot of reading.

    Erin, wisdom and truth are important parts of our mandate, too. (See above)

    Mary, while we both have missed interacting here, taking a break was the right thing to do. I achieved the desired state of mind, and have enjoyed the most deliciously free summer that I have had in a while. It was refreshing and beneficial for us.

    Now it is time to put on our (gentle) warrior faces and get back to work.

    Rebecca, if I ever feel like quitting writing here all I have to do is read your comment. To know we have connected with you in such a way is precious beyond words. Your wish came true - our break was indeed simple and peaceful. Thank you.

    D, how is it going with those 1214 posts? That is a lot of posts. I hope you are alright.

    Saffron, thanks for checking in with us and reminding us that you are all out there. It is so good to know.

    Coingeddon, I have been enjoying your comments here. We are obviously kindred spirits in our approach to the simple life, and in the way that others respond to that apparently quirky desire. I can relate to all your comments, as I am sure many here on NBA can. Stay strong. Simple is the way.

    Mike, I am so happy to be of assistance when it comes to resisting consuming ourselves to death. It is another part of our mandate, along with strange bugs and crawly things.

    Alex, you will be happy to hear that we connected with the Universe in a major way, right here at home and on the land around us. Magical. We are going for millions of hits, but broad awareness (or acknowledgement) of our current state of affairs still alludes humanity. But it is developing as the consequences of our actions become harder and harder to ignore. Simplify now and avoid the rush.

    Deva, over here! We’re still here. We write, therefore we exist… on the internet. It is a virtual thought experiment that brings us together at this special time in human history. How exciting to be part of it along with everyone else that drops by our blog.

    Saffron, your persistence will be rewarded. Peace.

    Adge, it has been so nice. Summer was a slow flow river, and I was a child stretched out on her banks. Timelessness.

    1. Anonymous10/07/2016

      Hello Gregg and Linda,

      lovely to hear from you. Secretly I was glad you didn't rush back because you have had exactly the sort of Summer I hoped you would - what wise people! Of course your posts were missed, but I always remind myself I need to get out there and live my simple life, not just read about it!


  23. I miss you. I had a set back two weeks ago. I got caught up in commercialism again. Fortunately I woke up in time. What was I thinking? It actually made me feel sick. I'm back to reading your old posts again and living my NBA life again. Thank you for your writings and being that voice in my head. You've changed my life. I hope you are enjoying your retirement. Jlynn


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