May 9, 2016

System Change Not Climate Change

Economy or environment? That isn't even a choice. What we should be asking is, "System change or status quo?"

If we go with status quo,  ego will continue to prevail over altruism. Hierarchies will continue to push our cooperatives, and centralized profit extraction will overshadow shared abundance. But not for long.

The old ways are crumbling all around us; the evidence is everywhere in plain sight. People are mobilizing in response.

A critical mass is forming. We are seeing an increasing pressure for system change that can not be ignored. The pace is picking up, which is good because there is some urgency. There is a lot to be done and not much time.

Everything needs to be built from the ground up. All of it. The whole of civilization. We will renegotiate the underlying guiding principles and power structures that used to work for us, but are no longer functioning.

Fundamental changes will help us form a new way. A saner, more gentle world will prevail.

Solidarity will replace selfishness.

Cooperation will replace competition.

People and the planet will come before profits.

This is the time for big shifts in thinking about how we do everything. We can't continue doing the same thing and hope for different results. We tried a civilization marked by bigger, faster and more complicated. It got us to where we are now.

How about a system based on keeping things smaller, slower and more simple? It is worth a try.


  1. Anonymous5/09/2016

    Just had a round of elections here in the UK and the Green Party came third for London major and made gains in the Scottish Parliament, although this didn't even make the news, the BBC is too busy making rubbish like Topgear and Masterchef to notice. Richard Oppenlander gives a solution in a presentation to the European Parliament which is on Youtube and well worth watching. I agree the new critical mass is growing. Alex

    1. The tipping point has been reached, or will be shortly. After years of seeming inactivity things will change rapidly. Or are changing rapidly. The Mayans were on to something with their 2012 prophesy. Transformation is here.

      Thanks for the Richard Oppenlander reference. I am loving the way he thinks.


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