May 6, 2016

Our Beds Are Burning

An 86,000 hectare wildfire raging in record high temperatures burns the Alberta oil sands town of Fort McMurray. Over one thousand homes burned to the ground. Almost 100,000 people evacuated and probably not returning any time in the near future.

Is there a message here for us?

"How do we sleep when our beds are burning?", asked the band Midnight Oil. In Fort Mac they are literally burning. Something is going on, although it is too complex to say exactly what. Of course, theories abound. Some are more blamey than others.

Some people are saying it is karma for helping produce some of the largest concentrations of greenhouse gases in the country. Their compassion chip might be disengaged mentioning this while so many are in so much pain, but again I ask myself what the take away from this apocalyptic disaster is going to be.

What is the lesson here? Is there one? I don't know.

If it is karma, it is karma that anyone that uses fossil fuels to drive their cars, or heat their homes, or provide them with electricity must share equally. Our beds may not be burning, but they are definitely smouldering.

If it is karma, it is karma for all of us, not just those working the oil sands while trying to provide for their families.

Thankfully, most people do have their compassion chip engaged by viewing the horror of what is going on up north. Folks are coming together to help out with basic needs, ease the pain, and help those affected rebuild their lives.

There are many, many helpers showing us a better way of responding to this tragedy that we have all created. Soon though, we should probably take a look at what this awful event is trying to tell us. All of us.

Or maybe it is just a forest fire of catastrophic proportions.


  1. Anonymous5/07/2016

    I just heard about this on NPR this morning. How tragic and sad. As many who live in my area, the people who work in these kinds of industries are just trying to support their families. I blame those who own the companies and the governments who regulate them. The bad karma also belongs to all of us who use fossil fuels daily.

    1. So much pain for all involved. But the love that is coming to the rescue is inspiring. Us humans really shine when tragedy knocks us out of our every day stupor. Good karma abounds.


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