May 4, 2016

Live And Let Live

I don't promote stuff on my blog, and I wouldn't buy one for myself, but when I saw this innovative bug catcher I loved the idea, and how it might represent a larger picture where we are beginning to honour all life.

I like this idea so much that I tried to find out who invented it. I didn't find out who the inventor was, but I am sure she was a Jain. If not, it must have at least been someone that knows it is better to live and let live.

A Jain's goal is to live a life of harmlessness. Practicing non-violence, Jains will sweep the ground ahead of them so they do not step on any living things. A covering over the mouth and nose insures that no bugs are inhaled. They don't eat left overs because there is an increased chance of microorganisms growing in the food, which they don't want to harm.

Jains also practice living responsibly. There are no gods or spiritual beings that will save humans from themselves.

There are other ways of catching and releasing crawly things in your home, but this one is pretty neat. It is a vast improvement over grabbing a rolled up newspaper, or spraying poison.

It's a Jain-approved bug relocation device.


  1. We use one of those small handheld vacuums in our house and it has been better than any other method we've tried. The suction power on those is not strong enough to harm most bugs, except maybe the wispy spiders and long-legged types. Even gets flying bugs like typical house flies. They end up on a soft filter fabric on the inside and can be held overnight, if need be, to be released in the morning. Please do try it.

    A link to the one we use:

    1. Anonymous5/05/2016

      Just this morning took a piece of scrap paper I keep by the phone and scooped up a beetle making his way across my kitchen floor. He behaved very well as I carried him on the paper out the front door and a few feet more into the bushes where he was deposited. Paper was returned to the phone area for other uses. Simple but effective. This method also works for spiders - most spiders will sit still for the journey, though some may try to make a run for it. I find it kinda fun to see if you can make it out the door before spidey takes a leap off the end of paper. Warning: Don't try this with scorpions...they have no sense of humour.
      Awake in Phoenix

    2. REA - I saw online that you can buy similar devices to harmlessly collect and observe small things. Modern day butterfly nets.

      Awake in Phoenix - That is exactly my kind of unwanted guest extraction device. As simple as it gets. I have never seen a scorpion laugh come to think of it...

  2. Anonymous5/05/2016

    Always respected the Jain tradition, the simple way of life and respect for all beings. Alex

  3. We go by the cup and envelope method for removing the critters from our house. House spiders we let stay though - they're quite helpful housemates!

    1. House spiders do more cleaning up than some human housemates.

  4. "Live And Let Live" - not much humans represent this thinking. They keep screaming angrily (like little kids) at my face that I should live like them. Haha!


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