November 19, 2014

I Wore The Same Clothes For A Year

"No one has noticed; no one gives a shit."

Talk about simplifying your wardrobe. Image wearing the same thing to work ever day for a year - that is my kind of no-decision-to-be-made morning dressing routine.

Karl Stefanovic, a TV show host, recently revealed to a sometimes shocked public, "I wore the same clothes for a year". His stated goal was to highlight the double standard that exists between male and female TV personalities.

While his female co-hosts are often lambasted for their fashion choices, he says that males in front of the camera are not held up to the same scrutiny. Of his experiment he said, "No one has noticed; no one gives a shit."

But his project seems larger than he even imagined. I love what this might say about fashion and clothing in general for both genders - it is all a farce designed to keep you spending money. No may notice your expensive clothes. Or your inexpensive clothes. Or that you are wearing clothes at all.

While the rich and famous may be under scrutiny from exploitative tabloids and people with nothing better to do, most of us are not.

Who cares what we wear day after day? Why bother with an expensive wardrobe and a new set of clothes for every fashion season? Does anyone even notice?

Better to save a bundle and wear what ever you want, even if it is the same suit of clothes every day for a year. Or longer.


  1. We had friends to dinner last Thursday and had a great evening together. Later, I thought 'I'm looking a little scruffy tonight'. Then I tried to remember what our friends had been wearing...and couldn't, which really bears out what you are saying. Generally, I like to feel comfortable and tidy. That is enough. And when I buy clothes, I like them to be good quality and last for years. There seems to be a conspiracy amongst manufacturer's of women's clothes to produce cheap (looking only!) rubbishy garments that barely look good hanging in the shops...wear me once and throw me away. seems to be their motto. Not only that, none of them are warm enough...perhaps it is a conspiracy in conjuction with the gas and electricity companies! This is only women's clothes, mind you, men would never stand for it!

    1. Charlotte,

      You know what they say - Yesterday's conspiracy theory is today's news.

      It is amazing how poorly made clothes are these days. Like you said, they are basically disposable. It is a sweat shop tragedy in which we all lose.

      Well made clothes and shoes can last a very long time if used gently and respectfully. They cost more, but will save money in the long run. And with fewer clothes, one has fewer decisions to make when deciding what to put on for the day.

  2. Anonymous11/19/2014

    I wear the same few things, time after time, and I bet no one has ever noticed.

    It's a shame that women are so often held to a higher standard, or at least they perceive it as so. I have women friends who tell me they don't have that many clothes, but their closets are stuffed full. I bet most of it they've worn once or twice, then felt they had to change according to the latest fad.

    It's time we stopped buying into this lie and buy clothes that are appropriate for our climate, are comfortable, and look neat and clean.

    1. Miss Marla,

      Your simple sensibilities are refreshing.

  3. Anonymous11/19/2014

    I like this blog:

    It's all about maintaining what we already have and celebrating mending and the repair of garments. Some of the posts are fascinating. Well thought out mending can be a creative, enjoyable activity/challenge.

    A few well selected garments that fit well, are durable/versatile, express personal identity, and are well taken care of are, all we really need.


    1. Jake,

      It is amazing how little one needs to get by comfortably. Thank you for the link. I like celebrations of doing what we can with what we've got.

      Mending is a metaphor for simple living itself. Simplicity is the thread that allows us to stitch our lives back together after been shredded by the consumer/industrial complex.

    2. Anonymous11/21/2014

      A lot of mending to be done then...


  4. Anonymous12/23/2014

    New to your blog and like it very much - thank you! I recently went back to work after taking a couple years off, and at first got caught up in the "have to buy new clothes" frame of mind. I did buy a few things, but then I stepped back and took the time to make an inventory of my clothing -- an actual list. I realized I had plenty of clothes! So no more clothes shopping for me, have all I need.

    One other thing to note about keeping clothes over the years is that it helps you maintain your weight - unless you need to lose so much weight that new clothes are in order. The pants I have on today were purchased in 1999 (heavily discounted at a department store), and the silk blouse I'm wearing is at least that old (purchased at a thrift shop). I love both pieces and plan to wear them as long as I can.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog - love reading all this at such a consumer driven time of year.


  5. Some people notice. I was a few times asked why I wear always the same black clothes at work by a few people. I thought they are crazy for asking that! Who cares? I would be going naked if I was living in hot enough climate and it was not illegal.


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