November 12, 2014

Aging And Household Spending Conducive To Simple Life

Good news for aging into simple living - it is a natural progression to reduce the amount of shopping you do the older you get. You really aren't getting older - you are getting better. Better at living simply.

Generally household spending peaks between the ages of 45 and 50, and then falls in most every category, dropping about 43% by the age of 75. See? Just by following the natural way of things you will live 43% more simply by age 75 than you were at age 45.

Inquiring minds will want to know why this is. Do we get wiser starting at age 45? Are we more content with what we have? Why slow down the spending after a life of binge shopping?

Whatever the cause, it looks like most people will slowly slip into the simple life whether a conscious decision or not.

Tired of spending hoards of cash on things you don't need? Not to worry - aging will take care of that. Not to say one can't start spending less earlier...


  1. Anonymous11/12/2014

    There is wisdom in old(er) age. We have gone through the crazy lust years, the "gotta have it" years of consumption and finally the golden years where we arrive at the conclusion that it's not stuff that makes life wonderful - it's life itself. Your simple "Not Buying Anything" blog is a wonderful addition to the anti-consumer blogs out there. I believe it's possible that you, and other like you, might help save this planet for another generation. I hope you and Linda have a long and wonderful life together.

    1. "It's not stuff that makes life wonderful - it's life itself." The sooner we figure this out the better off we will be.

      Life is so completely rich without buying anything. Perhaps richer. Is that what 45 - 50 year olds figure out? I know much younger people that have figured this out. I consider them to be very fortunate, and prematurely wise.

      Thank you so much for making our day with your wonderful comment. Saving the world is indeed part of our mandate here at the NBA blog.

  2. Possibly the peak spending corresponds with peak earning? Although let's believe that it also corresponds with a growth in wisdom! Whatever the's a good trend

    1. Charlotte,

      Being an optimist I am going with wisdom!

  3. Anonymous11/13/2014

    This post made my day! One of the best parts of living simply is enjoying what you have year after year. We are having our first snow of the season where I live, and I have just pulled out my winter coat (that I've had for seven years) and my wonderful mukluks (that I've had for four years.) They are old, reliable friends and their quality means that I will spend very little (if anything) on this type of item this winter. As I grow older, I appreciate what I have more and more, and enjoy taking care of what I already own, instead of running out and constantly buying new and "better" items. Now I can actually enjoy the beauty of this first snowfall without having to run around like crazy, buying more stuff. With age comes wisdom!



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