October 12, 2014

Deep Green Being

The following quote is from someone who gets what is happening to us and our world right now. Derrick Jensen, in his book A Language Older than Words asks:
"What if the point of life has nothing to do with the creation of an ever-expanding region of control? What if the point is not to keep at bay all those people, beings, objects, and emotions that we so needlessly fear? What if the point instead is to let go of that control?  
What if the point of life, the primary reason for existence, is to lie naked with your lover in a shady grove of trees? What if the point is to taste each other's sweat and feel the delicate pressure of finger on chest, thigh on thigh, lip on cheek?  
What if the point is to stop, then, in your slow movements together, and listen to birdsong, to watch dragonflies hover, to look at your lover's face, then up at the undersides of leaves moving together in the breeze? 
What if the point is to invite these others into your movement, to bring trees, wind, grass, dragonflies into your family and in so doing abandon any attempt to control them? 
What if the point all along has been to get along, to relate, and experience things on their own terms? What if the point is to feel joy when joyous, love when loving, anger when angry, thoughtful when full of thought?  
What if the point from the beginning has been to simply be?"

Mr. Jensen is a co-founder of Deep Green Resistance. Wikipedia describes the organization as "an environmental movement that views mainstream environmental activism as being largely ineffective. DGR also refers to the strategy described by the movement for saving the Earth."

Find out more about DGR here.

"Deep Green Resistance starts where the environmental movement leaves off: industrial civilization is incompatible with life. Technology can't fix it, and shopping—no matter how green—won't stop it."


  1. Very profound. We cannot buy our way to harmony with the earth.

    1. P.P.,

      Yes. It won't be money or technology that saves us. What will is a renewed relationship with the Earth based on respect for all life.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful and loving blog which often reminds me...to just be. And for being kind and like-minded friends!

    1. CharlotteP,

      We want this to be a gentle and welcoming place. Thank you for joining us here.

  3. Seriously, what if? I have read this over more than once since you posted it and it is definitely thought provoking.

    1. Melodee,

      Indeed. What if the whole system is wrong? What if the struggles of the majority are artificially created for the benefit of the few? What if more people decided not to participate and support this sickness?

      What if everyone lived simply?


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