October 20, 2014

Words To Consume By

My favourite conscious consumption Re- word is REFUSE. If something doesn't fit with your environmental values the thing to do is refuse to consume it.

The following words from Pete Seger are an excellent anti-consumption guideline, and amount to about the same thing.

“If it can’t be

  • reduced, 
  • reused, 
  • repaired, 
  • rebuilt, 
  • refurbished, 
  • resold, 
  • recycled or 
  • composted

then it should be 

  • restricted, 
  • redesigned, or 
  • removed from production."
- Pete Seger


  1. Anonymous10/20/2014

    My "refuse" also extends to those who insist on buying things for me. It's so hard to get across to some people that my lack of stuff is a choice! I don't need or want them to buy me things.

  2. Anonymous10/22/2014

    Murmurings of a revolution, REFUSE!
    Funny, when I'm talking to someone about recycling and they proudly tell me they recycle like it is supposed to mean it is OK to consume all they want. I just say I refuse, refuse to buy, refuse to acquire. I get some strange looks.
    Pete Seger had a lot of things figured out.


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