September 15, 2014

Living In Nature

I found a little park only 1km from our front door.

Ever noticed how monasteries are usually located in beautiful places? If your intention is to stick close to home it might as well be somewhere nice. For the past few years that is the idea that has guided where we live, and that idea also led us to where we are now.

A short, wheelchair accessible trail runs along this creek flowing through
the forest behind our new home.

I have been living what I like to think as a simple, semi-monastic lifestyle in scenic surroundings. Not that I am a monk - I prefer 'forest philosopher'. But as a caregiver I do work close to home, so I prefer that it be in as beautiful a place as can be, whether in the city or the country.

There are picnic tables, viewing platforms, and fish in the creek.

For me, nature is where it is at. I was more than pleased then, when I was swarmed by small birds at the trail head of our little park. If I had seeds I am sure they would have come right to my hand. So friendly, so pure.

A curious friend greets me in the forest.

And it is not just my bird neighbours coming to whisper in my ear. Another creature hopped its way into my life last night. After dark I looked out the front door and sitting right there looking in the window was a small amphibian.

I am not sure if it was a frog or a toad, but I am pretty sure I knew what it came to say. The frog is recognised as a healer in North and South American Native customs, as well as Celtic traditions.

"Welcome to the neighbourhood. Be well."


  1. It looks lovely...we are very fortunate too. We can reach open countryside by walking for 10 minutes in one direction, 5 in the other and we really appreciate this. 10 minutes in the car gets us to the Wyre Forest (our dog REALLY appeciates this!) The Japanese enjoy 'forest bathing', sort of, absorbing the good vibrations of nature. This sounds very enlightened and civilised to me. We always feel better for a day (or an hour or two) spent outdoors in a beautiful place.

  2. If you do have some seed with you next time, call the Chickadees to you and they will probably eat from your hand. One of my favourites birds, so friendly and sweet!

  3. Anonymous9/15/2014

    Ah nothing like a stroll (or roll) in a beautiful place. These pictures and your peaceful words were like a deep breath of fresh air; relaxing and soothing.

    So delighted to hear this place is near your home and wheelchair accessible. I love the pictures.

    Agree with CharlotteP, "We always feel better for a day....spent outdoors in a beautiful place." A few days ago, I had a field assignment to do (a fun thing really) for a geology course I am taking. I could have done it on a day trip, but decided to take my tent and stay for the night. Still riding on that "feel better" wave and deep breath of fresh air.

    Yes, "forest philosopher" fits you well. I've been drawn to philosophy again lately. I actually pondered how philosophy relates to my love of geology while camping and observing rocks this week. When I read "forest philosopher", it clicked for me! If I could borrow your idea, rock philosopher fits for me as I'm a lover or deep thinking, wisdom and all things geology. There seems to a strong movement, a mingling between science and philosophy.

    You and Linda do seem welcomed in your new neighborhood, many signs indicate that.


  4. Anonymous9/15/2014

    I love your blog - just found it! I'm inspired by your posts on the simple life and I'm having fun making my way through the archives.
    I agree, chickadees are wonderful birds. We plant sunflowers by our front windows so we can watch them feed on the seeds.


  5. I think you may well be my favourite blog. I love about five, but you always seem to write what I am focussing on, and write what I wish I could.


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