September 10, 2014

Cut Own Hair... Again

Before - long hair, in the hospital and happy.

It seems like everything except real estate and gas is more expensive here in Nova Scotia. In order to stick to our budget we are going to have to do everything we were doing in British Columbia, and more. That means doing all our own cooking and baking (a bag of flour costs twice as much here) as well as anything else we can do ourselves. Like haircutting.

Yes, that nice 'before' photo is of me in the Digby hospital a few days ago. Linda is in the bed behind me. I was the patient (my back again), and Linda had to come with me because she could not stay at home alone and there was nowhere else for her to go.

As you can see it had been quite a while since my last home haircut.

After about 5 days I was released, but Linda could not come with me until we got some supports in place to make sure I did not hurt my back again. So, unfortunately, my sweety is still in the hospital while I am at home cleaning up and healing.

After being in the hospital I felt like I needed a major overhaul, so after a much-enjoyed long hot shower I got to work on my hair. This time I wanted to do more than just shave my head like last time.

Linda has always wanted to cut my hair short everywhere but the top, so that is what I tried to do. It took a long time, but eventually I got the results I wanted. I used a comb, electric hair clipper, a pair of sharp scissors, and a bit of tape to get the back trimmed evenly. It was fun, and it was free.

I visited Linda in the hospital after I finished and she approved, so I guess I did alright.

Tomorrow things will be more or less ready for her to come home. A few more items, such as an electric lift for doing transfers, will come later, but I can't wait any longer. I want my best friend here where she belongs.

Maybe she wants me to cut her hair, then we can use the money we save to buy a bag of flour so I can start baking again.

After - short hair, at home and happier. I will be happiest when Linda gets here tomorrow.


  1. Gam Kau9/11/2014

    I hope both of you are feeling better, sounds like challenging times, but that often means you are due for a peaceful stretch. Haircut looks terrific, well done!

  2. Looks good! I hope everything is back to normal for you and Linda soon.

  3. That's a great haircut...go for it Linda, let him have a go! I cut my own hair (straight bob - a bit tricky!) Husband's (short, curly and thinning - easy!) and Turbo Dog's ( short curly, grows very fast) which saves us lots! Friends are asking me to do theirs...maybe a stall in town...No, I don't think so! Twice the price for flour is outrageous...but you have to eat and it sounds as though the quality of life there ma ybe be twice as Good wishes to Linda, hope she's soon home. xx

  4. Anonymous9/11/2014

    Good job! I recently trimmed my hair myself after a long stretch of paying someone else to do it. It is nice to save that bit of money, but I'm going back to the shop next week. I remember when you first cut Linda's hair and it looked great.

    Mom had a recent stint in the hospital and then to a nursing facility. She's home now and we have people coming in a few times a week to give her therapy and to check on her health. It's not easy caring for someone when you have your own health issues as you now know. Hope that Linda is back home soon and all is in order for the both of you to manage.

    Someone recently offered us an electric lift that they no longer needed because their wife died. Wish I could have sent it your way! Maybe something like that will come up for you.

  5. You did a great job. Do hope you're both well.

  6. Anonymous9/12/2014

    Very handsome! Do hope your back is improving though. Who would have thought it would have caused you so much trouble, and of course for Linda as well. Sounds as though you have a good local facility though, Hurray for that.

    Frances from the UK.

  7. Anonymous9/15/2014

    Great haircut! I know Linda can't wait for her cut! You could do side work as good as you are! (Well after you are fully recovered.)

    Missed this post when it first posted. Re-subscribed because I was suddenly not getting posts. Everything is fine now.

    Looks like you have plenty of room in that kitchen to prepare all kinds of food! Plenty of room for Linda to move around in too.

    It is crazy expensive on the east coast, USA as I'm imagining it must be in Nova Scotia. However, real estate is high here, gas prices cheaper than on west coast, USA. The middle part of the U.S. seems to be the cheapest place to live in terms of real estate and food/clothes prices. Here in South Carolina, the closer you get to the water, the more expensive everything is. I am about 3 hours inland, but my daughter lives on the coast.

    I live on a tight budget to make it, some side work is ending soon, so I'm beginning to tighten in some more. You said it before, we are learning together. There is power in numbers, power in doing things together.

  8. Very happy for you both, I pray good health for you both!

  9. I am humbled by the wonderful words expressed here, and thank all of you for taking the time (especially first time commenters - welcome aboard).

    Things have improved a great deal since I wrote this post. My back has been rapidly improving although I imagine it will be tender for months to come. I am implementing a walking and yoga exercise/stretching program to help heal and stay strong.

    Linda has been getting better, too. It seems strange to report this because the medical establishment would say that people with secondary multiple sclerosis don't get better. But there you go. Call it the power of positive thinking, or CCSVI treatment, or love from others, or most likely a combination of all.

    Thank you all for your contribution to our successful recoveries.


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