June 18, 2014


Although our quest is temporarily suspended while I am under the care of a local healer, we are certain of what we are looking for when we resume.

A sanctuary. A zone of survival. A safe haven.

We are seeking a place of peace and beauty. A quiet garden to tend to while being nurtured in turn by its green growing magic. We are on a quest for a place we call sanctuary.

However, sanctuary is not only a place 'out there'. The poet Rumi tells us to remember that the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside each of us. Likewise, Buddha says not to look for sanctuary anywhere except inside ourselves.

Who am I to argue with teachers like that?

Perhaps I can find my inner sanctuary while occupying an expansive garden with little hidey holes here and there. Places I can drag an easel, paper, watercolours and brushes for a few hours of painting contemplation.

I can't think of a better place to find inner peace than a garden with green niches harbouring camouflaged benches for reading a good book, or watching birds, or just sitting and thinking. Or better yet, just sitting.

Our quest is for sanctuary.


  1. What a glorious picture. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Madeleine,

      Nature is truly an amazing thing. A well-tended garden is such a cooperative relationship with the magic of life that it changes both the natural world and the gardener.

  2. Anonymous6/19/2014

    Peacefully inviting, refreshing.

    I planted a container garden on my patio a few weeks ago. It rained today. Such joy to go out and tend my plants, help prop them back up after strong winds during the storm laid them down. Earlier I stood and watched them reach for the sun. I could almost see them growing.

    1. Terri,

      I am envious. It is hard to have a garden on the road, highlighting one drawback of this lifestyle for Linda and I. We love growing things, especially things you can EAT.

  3. e.a.f.6/22/2014

    what an amazing garden. truly a place to let ones mind rest.

    1. e.a.f.,

      While I would like a garden like this some day, I am convinced that just looking at this picture has a restorative effect.


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