June 16, 2014

I Will Not Monday

- Bansky


  1. And thus...we are a nation of sick, tired, obese, depressed, impotent, violent human beings. I am seeing some positive changes though...I am still very hopeful that the truth will shine.

    1. S.S.,

      There is so much more good than bad in the world. As you say, positive things are happening. We are moving the fulcrum and the balance is about to tip in our favour.

  2. And now for some good news....Bhutan is planning on becoming the world's first 100% organically farmed country - hooray!

    Have a wonderful day,


    PS Gregg, I hope your back is continuing to improve :)

    1. Madeleine,

      3 cheers for Bhutan, organic farming, sustainability initiatives, and an emphasis on the happiness of their people.

      Thank you for your good wishes. My back is recovering, slowly, very slowly, but it is recovering.

      Hope your day was a happy one.

  3. Anonymous6/17/2014

    Bansky's list pretty much sums up what I see in nearly every person I know.

    Yet, let us not forget the power of role modeling the opposite. I'm in the middle of a mass scale down of my crap. I'm being open about it. Neighbors and others are interested in what I'm doing. They see how much stuff is leaving here. It is as though they never thought about it, never questioned their own consumerism and collection of crap. They are dropping by here regularly to see my progress or asking me about it when I talk to them on the phone.

    They're internalizing it too. Their questions and comments indicate they really didn't know they had a choice about consumerism/materialism. They talk about having too much stuff. It is exciting to see them open to another option rather than robotically racing to consume and collect more stuff.

    I've invited a couple of people to go with me to donate stuff and to the recycling center to leave recyclables. These experiences opened up their thinking too!

    As you know, I was in de-cluttering/purging mode before you posted "Crap" early in June. That post caused me to ramp up to seriously de-crap my life. Role modeling is powerful! From your experience to mine to others around me watching and learning from what I'm doing.

    They may not follow my example entirely, but they are shifting their thoughts about their own crap and behavior. There are 7 people very interested in what I'm doing. People that never gave their mass consumption a second thought. What an unexpected bonus!

    What we do matters. People are watching. They are listening. Role modeling is powerful. The community is growing larger.


    1. Terri,

      I find myself nodding in agreement all through your comment, and I agree that we are making a difference far beyond our own individual projects.

      I think observational learning is highly under-rated. We learn a great deal more from what people DO versus what people SAY.

      Congratulations on being brave and spreading the message of living better with fewer distractions of the crap kind (which is most everything in a consumer society). You are helping tip the balance in a very direct way.

      The awakening has begun. People are sick and tired and are saying,

      "I WILL NOT participate in the Great Lie. I want freedom. Real freedom.

      Freedom from stuff, freedom from wage slavery, and freedom from lies."

      People like yourself and so many others that visit here, are taking action. It is not going unnoticed.

  4. e.a.f.6/22/2014

    sounds like the list the B.C. Liberals live by.

    I've worked at not buying and not consuming as much as I did. Its actually worked. so your blog has helped, thank you. I read it to remind myself, not to buy things I don't need. And if I do buy, try the thrift shops owned by local charities first.

    1. e.a.f.,

      I left Alberta because I thought the endless Conservative reign was corrupted and on the wrong track. The first year I started teaching there I had to endure a 5% wage cut that was not recovered for several years.

      Now I leave the BC ConLiberals behind, and good riddance to them. I have never seen such disregard for the people that pay their wages… except their friends in the Harper regime.

      I am thrilled that NBA has helped you save money and cut consumption. Mission accomplished.


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