February 6, 2013

Good Health Is True Wealth

If we take the usual course in life we spend our strongest, healthiest days working toward building financial wealth, before retiring and spending that wealth trying to regain our health. Often we find that it is too late, with many of us succumbing early and not even making it to retirement.

Virgil said, "The greatest wealth is health", and of course he was right. Good health is a prerequisite for everything else. If one is not healthy, it is impossible to enjoy any amount of wealth.

Just ask anyone that has faced a serious health issue if they would rather have financial wealth, or good health.

Of course a certain amount of wealth can improve access to healthy living and medical care. However, simply living well can lead to good health outcomes.

4 Ways To Live Well And Enjoy Good Health
  1. Eat a mostly whole food, plant-based diet - we rely on grains, legumes, fruit, veggies, soy products, nuts, and seeds. We currently eat dairy, and on rare occasions a little meat (mostly sardines and oysters/mussels).
  2. Enjoy regular physical activity (you can call it 'exercise' if you want, but I include all movement including things like doing laundry, cooking, climbing stairs, having sex, and going for walks.)
  3. Get plenty of rest -  8 to 10 hours a day may be necessary
  4. Practice living in the moment - laugh, sing, dance, breathe (and floss)

Do not take good health for granted. If you are healthy, you already have more than many others that struggle with illness every day. Appreciate, enjoy, and maintain this beautiful gift.

Live well, be well, and enjoy the true wealth of healthy living.

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