February 2, 2013

Express Your Individuality

"Just be yourself", is a common piece of advice when someone is about to face a challenge.

Too often we conform to the roles of society or our social group and fail to express ourselves as a unique person independent of groupthink. Expressing individuality is essential to personal growth and is a great way to share our unique talents with the world.

But individuality can not be bought - it has to be developed over time in our own way.

We can learn to express our individuality and reclaim our birthright to who we are supposed to be.

Non-Consumerist Ways To Express Individuality
  1. Start by realizing you have intrinsic value as a human being, regardless of what you do, how much money you make, or what you own (or don't own).
  2. Take an inventory of your own special quirks, talents, strengths, as well as shortcomings. These all make you the individual you are.
  3. Find a personal style YOU are comfortable with. Wear colours and clothes that you feel natural and comfortable wearing. 
  4. Try expressing yourself more, whether in conversation, or in other creative ways such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument, writing poetry, or any other artistic expression that you enjoy.
  5. Speak up! Let people know how you think and feel about things. 
  6. Foster relationships that are supportive of who you are.
  7. Honour your priorities regardless of where they take you.
Remember that "following the crowd" is a good way to give up your personal power, and your own unique perspective on life. Resisting the relentless onslaught of commercial pressure to CONFORM can be difficult.

Be Yourself - you are the only one of you in the world, and you have your own special contributions to make.

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