September 3, 2012

Romanian PRISPA Solar House Project

The PRISPA team has already sold their solar house - photo shows where it will be rebuilt after the competition
from: PRISPA on Facebook
I first became aware of the whole Solar Decathlon thing when I started to see pictures of the Romanian PRISPA house online. A group of university students designed and built the house for the country's first ever entry into Solar Decathlon Europe. It didn't take long to realize it was my kind of house.

Others took note too, including an NBA reader who commented on my recent post about this energy self-sufficient house. The reader responded by saying,

"I love the look of the house. Are there more pictures available of the interior? Will the house be in production, and if so will it be sold in North America? I think I just found the perfect vacation off grid home."

I found a few more interior photos (see below), and more can be seen on the PRISPA website. While I couldn't find any information regarding production, the prototype has already been sold to "a nice family". The photo at the top shows a shadow of the house superimposed on the property where the home will be rebuilt after the Solar Decathlon in September this year.

Any family would be fortunate to live in this sensible and sustainable solar home, and perhaps PRISPA will export this prefabricated design for all to enjoy and benefit from.

PRISPA is the first house designed by Romanian students, ever to qualify for Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. The competition’s purpose is to design and build a fully solar home, which can be assembled within the space of 10 days.

Finished interior with multi-functional furnishings

'Prispa' is the Romanian word for 'porch', which is an important part of traditional Romanian homes. This low-tech feature is incorporated in the high-tech PRISPA house, which is design as a "hybrid" house. It facilitates the full use of inside and outside spaces, and uses sliding glass doors, and the porch, to blend the two.

The 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe event will take place in Villa Solar in Spain. The competition site will be open from September 14th to 30th in Casa de Campo, Madrid.

Noroc (good luck) to the Romanian PRISPA team.

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