September 22, 2012

Anti-Shopping Affirmation

The way we think and talk forms the very substance of our lives. If we are thinking and talking about what we want all the time we will be ruled by our unchecked desires. We will never be satisfied. Big business takes advantage of our inability to control our desires.

A simple change in thinking can give us suit of armour against the swords of the capitalist hoards. As we think logically about what we really need in life, we can realize that it is very little. When we see the little man behind the curtain pulling our strings, the illusion starts to evaporate, and we understand - We don't need 90% of their stuff.

When our basic needs are being met, we can repeat to ourselves:

"I have everything I really need and want in life."

Need AND want? Yes, because what you want is what you need. And what you need is next to nothing compared to what you are being told you need.

Feel the urge to shop? Try repeating the anti-shopping affirmation in order to dissolve the irrational drive to obey the 'keep shopping' crowd, and be content with what you have.

When we change our thinking from 'I want' to 'I am grateful for what I have', we come to a calm point in our lives where we feel content and impervious to the relentless push toward MORE.

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