August 17, 2012

10 Paths To Sustainable Change

Grow a garden and "beet" the system
  1. Practice compassion - love unconditionally, act cooperatively.
  2. Forgive and move on - if you could understand everything, you could forgive anything.
  3. Don't work for people or corporations known to be doing bad things.
  4. Don't buy stuff from people or corporations known to be doing bad things.
  5. Educate yourself - ask questions, and seek out the answers. Then share what you find with others.
  6. Grow a garden - eat local and organic, organize your neighbourhood and community around food security.
  7. Turn off the media and get outside - symptoms of information overload are cured by time in nature.
  8. Live locally - be somewhere you like so much you don't want to leave.
  9. Increase lifestyle sustainability - live with only what you need, and no more.
  10. Enjoy life to the fullest - each moment is a precious gift that can induce awe and appreciation.


  1. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Great Post! Now I'm getting off the computer to go outside and listen to the rain fall.

    1. Sounds great. Rain is sorely needed in so many places. We spent the day at the beach today, in the sun, listening to the waves roll in.


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