August 1, 2012

Safe Harbour

Sailboat pulling into harbour by sunset/moonrise

If the world is as scary and dangerous as portrayed in the media, why do I keep meeting such darn good people? Without fail, the people that I meet and talk to in the community garden, parks, on sidewalks downtown, and here on NBA, are curious, friendly, and peaceful folks trying to do the right thing.

I thought about that this evening after spending a couple of hours at our raised bed garden, meeting other gardeners, sharing the bounty, and comparing notes. On our way home we stopped by one of our favourite beaches to watch the sun set and the moon rise. A sailboat silently glided past through moonlit waters, returning to the safety of the harbour. Home and hearth beckoned.

There are a lot of compassionate, right-living people in the world, and I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of them. Rather than greed and self-interest, what I have found in my experience is unfailing generosity and cooperation. It gives me a profound sense of safety knowing that so much love exists in this wild experiment we call humanity.

In 2008 - about 500 posts ago - Linda and I started Not Buying Anything as an antidote to the system that brought the world crappy jobs, widespread mental illness, ecocide, perpetual indebtedness, and The Great Depression II. We hoped that this blog would become a refuge for those seeking safety from the waves of discontent that are still growing.

Little did we know that our blog would become a refuge for us, and a place we go to in order to see how simplicity and cooperation are providing safety for others who have escaped the storm.

Pull into harbour. Enjoy the warmth of our shared hearth. Together we are going to do this thing.


  1. Anonymous8/01/2012

    Recently I was at a doctor's office. The waiting room was over-crowded as the doctor was running late. Not one person complained. We all sat chatting and enjoying the antics of a two year old (not so patiently waiting). Everyone in that room had their own set of problems, but we weren't concentrating on that for the moment. Just sharing in our common humanity.

    It gave me pause to think that there really are more good people than bad. We have to gauge our thinking on what we directly experience, not what talking heads tell us is reality.

    1. It is important to be aware of the problems that we are faced with. However, it is counterproductive to perseverate on them to the exclusion of all the beauty and goodness around us.

      Thank you for sharing your positive experience. We will reach our goals by positive thinking, and manifesting this innate good will in ourselves and others.


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