April 7, 2012

Ultra-Tiny Homes For $200... And Under

Tiny, tiny home - $200, Sunshine - Free
Carpenter Derek Diedricksen's tremendously tiny homes may not be practical for most people when it comes to daily living, but they do an excellent job of illustrating what may be done with discarded materials, a bit of imagination, and some elbow grease.

Diedricksens's projects all take advantage of discarded construction materials, and were built for next to no cost. The wooden structures are creative and pleasing to the eye. Their diminutive stature could lead one to think they are art installations rather than places to dwell.

24 sq.ft. of stylin' shelter - mortgage not required
The largest of the dwellings is 24 square feet and the smallest a claustrophobic, Japanese-style 4 sq. ft., which is more of a 'sleeper' than a home.

What I like about Diedricksens's buildings is how he uses reclaimed scrap materials in their construction. Where others see waste, he sees possibilities. I like the size, too - they are small enough that they could fit into a regular home's garage, with room to spare. They are spartan and cozy.

Derek, and other small home proponents, see affordable shelter for all - tiny dwellings for a tiny planet.

In this case perhaps not a home, but there are lots of possibilities for a writer's or artist's cabin, or hard-sided portable camping shelter.

See more uber-tiny shelters here.


  1. I really love your blog. I have given you a Liebster Blog award today! If you could hold it, I'm sure it would be shiny. :)

    1. Wow - thanks! It is nice to be recognized. Congratulations on your own Liebster (see Clamco link in our blog roll on the sidebar).

      I will doing a post soon about this meritorious moment.

  2. Anonymous4/09/2012

    Love tiny houses! This one even looks as though it could be accessible.

    1. Thank you for mentioning accessibility. It is rarely considered in home-building, but should be.

      Ensuring accessibility for all helps build inclusive communities, which are richer, healthier environments.

  3. Now that is one seriously tiny house. You could almost pull that behind a bike. Small houses are an endless source of fascination for me.
    Hope you had a happy Easter.

    1. I saw a photo today of a double bicycle pulling a small Airstream trailer. Tiny is the way to go.

      Thank you - we are having a great spring, and are considering planting some seeds soon. Whoo-hoo!

  4. e.a.f.4/10/2012

    What these homes demonstrate is that homelessness need not exist. These tiny homes provide shelter & safety for people who can not afford traditional homes.

    A number of these tiny homes could fit on one city lot in most towns & cities.

    There is no reason governments can not provide housing for all its citizens if they stopped looking at huge mega projects & looked at tiny homes.

    1. You are so right. There is no reason governments can't provide for their citizens - they seem to do quite well for themselves and their corporate friends.

      Enough 'blaming the victims'. Let's get busy and do the right thing. We have everything we need to improve the quality of life immediately for millions of people.

      We just have to keep it simple.

      Note: I lost one of your comments a while ago, and apologize. I really enjoyed the comment, and was bummed out when I couldn't add it to the blog.

      Thanks for visiting and participating. It is important to look at solutions, like you have here.

  5. Hi. I'd really love to buy one of these. Does any one have contact information on the carpenter? It would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by call or text at 314 686 5443. Thank you!


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