April 2, 2012

Self-Repair Manifesto

Join The Repair Revolution

The Self-Repair Manifesto

Repair Is Better Than Recycling.

Making our things last longer is both more efficient and more cost-effective than mining them for raw materials.

Repair Saves The Planet.

Earth has limited resources and we can't run a linear manufacturing process forever. The best way to be efficient is to reuse what we already have!

Repair Saves You Money.

Fixing things is often free, and usually cheaper than replacing them. Doing the repair yourself saves serious dough.

Repair Teaches Engineering.

The best way to find out how something works is to take it apart!

If You Can't Fix It, You Don't Own It.

Repair connects people and devices, creating bonds that transcend consumption. Self-repair is sustainable.

  • connects you with your things, 
  • empowers and emboldens individuals, 
  • transforms consumers in to contributors, 
  • inspires pride in ownership, 
  • injects soul and makes things unique, 
  • is independence, 
  • requires creativity, 
  • is green, 
  • is joyful, 
  • is necessary for understanding our things, 
  • saves money and resources.

E-waste is a global problem. The best way to keep valuable resources and toxic materials out of landfills is to keep our stuff working longer. Self repair not only saves you money, it helps protect the environment.


  1. Absolutely. Getting to know a mechanical engineer (or marrying one, in my case) has had some really nice advantages. We've been holding our laptop together with hot glue for two years. But hey, two years!

    A scary stats from the Center for a New American Dream:
    •In 1970, 71 percent of American men had basic home DIY project skills, compared to just 44 percent more recently. By 2030, it's expected that only one in five men will be able to pick up DIY skills from their fathers.

    1. That is scary. We are becoming less skilled and more dependent. It is all part of the plan.

      Here's to hot glue, duct tape, twine, and a set of tools. Involve the kids - boys and girls get into functional hands-on activities.


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