January 25, 2012

Simplicity Is Freedom

Live simply - get free

Living simply is liberating in so many ways. Stepping off the consumer treadmill lets us use our time and energy to build a world more to our liking. A world where we use less, and live more. Where time is more important than money.

Time is a limited commodity, and no amount of money will buy us more. We can choose to take more though, and simplicity is the means to get it.

My simple life gives me more time to live, to do what I want, to help others. It gives me freedom.

Simplicity can provide innumerable moments of liberation such as:
  • staying up till you feel like going to bed.
  • staying in bed till you feel like getting up.
  • ignoring fashion.
  • not having a mortgage, or any other debt.
  • having the time to spend with your friends and family.
  • being able to work enjoyable, meaningful jobs even if they pay less.
  • cutting your own hair.
  • realizing you have what you need.
  • fulfilling your own mandate, and honouring your priorities.
  • leisurely cooking whole food meals.
  • having few possessions.
  • living in a small space.
  • being in nature.
  • spending less than you make.
  • not feeling bound by conventional ways of thinking, and doing things.
  • feeling like you can change the world.
Live simply, be free, change the world.

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