January 23, 2012

Money Isn't Everything Monday

And you can't eat the stuff...

Since the 1950s, more money has been spent on marketing and advertising than on public education. This is our 'real' education, and it is barely dented, if it is not outright supported, by 12 years of government mandated grade school.

It is turning out that everything we have been taught to pursue is wrong. The competition for the most prestigious jobs and highest pay, and the measurement of self-worth in material possessions has lead us to embrace hyper-consumption. It continues as the world around us falls apart.

We are still in the Great Recession which is changing everything. The middle class is shrinking at the same time as the rich get richer. Insane wealth at the top, and austerity for everyone else. The trickle down has stopped, and reversed.

We have to reverse our own course. We have been lead astray by trivial attractions and meaningless pursuits that only benefit the few, and at the expense of the environment.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent by the corporate world to brainwash us into believing that everything is all right, that the dream is alive. That our pursuit of money and stuff is right. They lie.

We are onto their game now. We are learning that money isn't everything, and in that lies our freedom.

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