December 25, 2011

Christmas Redux

How many Christmas presents do you remember?
Welcome to my Christmas Redux. Join me as I ask the question, "How many Christmas presents do I remember?"

If you are like me, when you think about Christmas Past you remember piles of glittery, sparkly, enticing boxes set under the tree.

You may even remember learning about delaying gratification as you painfully waited days to wield an 'open sesame' spell over the presents before you. But do you remember the gifts inside?

"A box, a box!"

It makes me think of an old home video of a young boy vigorously unwrapping a large gift on Christmas morning. As soon as he had the wrapping paper off he started yelling with glee, "A box, a box!"

He was so excited about the box that his parents had to explain that the cardboard box wasn't really the gift, and that there was something else inside. Still, the box was more exciting.

When I think back I remember more boxes than their contents.

The majority of presents I have unveiled over the years have long since blended into a massive collage of things that have passed through my life since I was young.

No doubt there were gifts that I was pleased to have received, but these aren't even the things I remember in my Christmas Redux.

 Here are some of the things I do remember:

  • the excitement of the season with all the lights brightening the cold, long nights
  • having more guests in our home than usual, like our loving grandparents
  • a sense of good will toward others that was all-pervasive
  • the smell of the tree, and candles, and feasts
  • eating Mandarin oranges... sometimes too many :)
  • smiling, happy people
  • the cold and snow outside, and the warmth, love, and security inside
  • getting along with my siblings for longer than usual
  • playing with empty boxes and big piles of wrapping paper
  • sensing that one year was coming to a close, and another just dawning
  • and finally, I remember the thought that was behind each and every gift I have had the pleasure of opening - the intentions were honourable and good, and I felt loved. Thank you.
I hope you are experiencing the love of the day. And the boxes. Enjoy the boxes.

Christmas morning Pro tip: Babies look cute in empty boxes, and cats look funny in them. Dogs... not so much. You can make a robot costume out of empty boxes. Or you can slide down a snowy hill in a box.

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