December 21, 2011


Happy Winter Solstice! I invite you, on this shortest day of the year, to grab your hot beverage of choice, relax, and take a look at this short 10 minute video about how small actions can inspire great changes.

Each of us holds enormous power to instigate change, and when we share that, it can create a better world for everyone.

Thankfully, no one will ever be able to privatize love, compassion, and kindness. These belong to the commons that we all participate in every day of our lives. They cost us nothing, and are given and received freely, just as the Earth gives freely in its celebration of life.

Celebrate the great and enduring cycles of nature, and the return of the sun and warmth. Practice giving with abandon - smile, embrace, share, cooperate.

That is what will change the world for the better - it is the only thing that ever has.

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