May 18, 2011

The Power of Small

Sequoia seeds - small things can yield large results
While pausing a while in the shade of a tall, red-barked conifer, I stooped to pick up a small cone from the grass. The tree was a Giant sequoia, largest tree species in the world. There was nothing very giant about the cone, considering the tree it comes from. I brought it home and put it on my desk.

A few days later I noticed that the cone had began to open in the dry warmth of my home, and tiny, tiny seeds were falling out. I marveled at how one of the largest, and oldest living things on the planet could begin as a teeny speck that you would need a microscope to view thoroughly.

If such a simple speck of matter can create something as incredibly massive as the General Sherman, then surely our small, individual actions are capable of wondrous, far reaching things.

General Sherman, Giant sequoia,
largest tree on earth

Our small actions and efforts to live simply may seem insignificant, but their results grow and multiply, and eventually move mountains. We must not get discouraged and let what we can't do stop us from doing what we can, however small that may be.

Remember the little sequoia seeds that are bold enough to think that they can become the largest plant on earth. Just as they can grow into a tree the size of an office tower,  our small individual efforts can grow into the better world that we envision.


  1. Anonymous5/29/2015

    This post, although a few years old, still has such power. It's what we always need to remember, that even our smallest actions toward a simpler and healthier life (for us and Mother Earth) are truly significant in the long run. Great to read this, an excellent reminder. -- Mary


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