August 19, 2010

5 Keys To A Not Buying Anything Life

When Linda and I realized that consumerism had permanently taken over North Americans' previously happy lives, we had to take action. We saw people around us, good honest folks, get lead into the sucking vortex of materialism and narcissistic experiences. The Good Life is mighty alluring - it is not surprising it appeals to so many - but in the end it kills everything it touches.

We were touched by the vortex ourselves, but were thrown a rope from shore by simple living folks, historical, and contemporary. They worked in unison to help us escape.

The following 5 keys helped us embark on our quest to live better with less. These have been our guiding principles for building a simple, more sustainable life based on creativity, freedom, and the time to live slowly, and completely.
  1. Live somewhere you love. Stay home, and keep your life local, and simple. Reduce your eco-footprint. Save money.
  2. Work to live rather than live to work. Consider part-time, contract, and casual work. Have multiple income streams - a little bit of cash coming from many different places. Decide how much money is 'enough'. Then enjoy the extra time off to do what you want.
  3. Live an active, healthy lifestyle. Eat well, sleep well, run and play in nature. Be present, live and love with joy. Spend time doing nothing and abiding in your natural state (just being YOU).
  4. Get rid of clutter, mental and physical. Clutter is the enemy of clarity. We can not be free with cluttered homes and minds. As Thoreau said, "Simplify, simplify, simplify!" Be ruthless - cast off those golden shackles. Don't worry. Quit shopping. Be happy.
  5. Honour your priorities. 'Live your passion' is more than a platitude - it is the way to peace, happiness, and contentment.
Has consumerism permanently taken over your favorite couch? Take action now. Simple living can help to remove that irritant and free up some space. Try one or all of the 5 keys to a not buying anything life. Any one of them has the power to radically change you, and our planet.

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