April 23, 2010

Think Globally, Act Globally

Are we overly concerned with small, individual actions to the detriment of paying attention to the Big Issues looming on the horizon?

Individual actions have a transformative effect personally and globally. We can't underestimate the power that lies there. However, many of the issues we face are global in nature and will require us to act collectively to create a planet that works by making big changes. Baby steps are good to start, but we need to baby step quickly, then learn to walk, and soon after that, run.

Worldchanging is a "bright green", award-winning environmental website. Its focus is solution based and positive. A year ago they ran a post called 10 Really Hard Things We Can Do To Save The Planet where they proposed "ten big, difficult, world-changing concepts." I don't agree that "there are no simple steps worth caring about", but I do agree that if we don't learn to cooperate to solution the necessary big issues, the little ones won't matter in the end.

Here, then, is Worldchanging's list of ten concepts toward creating a sustainable world that works for everyone:

  1. Eliminate nuclear weapons.
  2. Stabilize the poorest billion.
  3. Create a globally transparent society.
  4. Be prepared, globally.
  5. Empower women.
  6. Enable a future forward diet (less meat and dairy).
  7. Document all life (to maintain biological diversity).
  8. Negotiate an effective climate treaty.
  9. Build green cities.
  10. Build no new highways.

We often feel stymied by the intractable nature of these bogeymen - it is too scary on an individual level. So much so that we are stunned into inaction because we are not sure our personal efforts will matter. But we have to learn to walk before we can run, so the initial simple steps do matter.

But we must be quick learners and problem solvers on a global scale. Be prepared to move beyond simple steps to cooperate and participate in revolutionary ways of thinking and living. It will be challenging, but it will be engaging, interesting, and fun as well.

Best of all - we can do this thing. We have the money, we have the technology, and we are starting to crank up our will to create a better world. It is exciting that we can both think and act globally - it is an opportunity we can't let pass.

Image from: http://borderbuster.blogspot.com/2008/10/learn-to-think-globally.html

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