April 13, 2010

Simple Pleasures: Hot Water

When one lives a slower, more mindful life there is time to notice things. More importantly, there is time to appreciate things. In my former life so much was passed by in a blur of activity. I had reached Peak Speed. How can one appreciate what is going on in ones life when one can barely make sense of the frantic busyness? This is not the way it was meant to be.

Life is full of wonderous events, moment, after moment, after moment, if only we have the time to notice. And when our awareness increases, so does our sense of appreciation. Soon even the most simple event can trigger a deep sense of beauty and gratitude. Small things matter in a big way in such a life.

Every moment contains a wealth of gifts when we stop to see. It can be a robin pulling a worm from the ground, or an eagle soaring on the wind. The smile of a passing stranger. The possibilities are endless.

One of my most delightful simple pleasures is hot water. I am a big fan of water overall, but hot water is a thing to behold. My favourite is natural hot water as in hot springs. British Columbia happens to have many natural hot springs, due to its tectonic activity, and I have been to several of them. Heavenly and highly recommended.

Almost as magical is the hot water that spills forth from my faucet at home upon demand. To me it seems an almost unbelieveable luxury to be able to enjoy energy-laden hot water upon my skin. Doesn't matter if it is for washing hands, or dishes, or bathing and showering, hot water is always welcome.

Stop to notice and appreciate the beauty of hot water, or anything else in your life. What simple pleasures do you appreciate?

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