July 20, 2016

It's All About The Freedom

“Living simply, voluntary simplicity, back to basics - whatever you want to call it - is all about freedom. It is about wanting less and being happy with that. It is about finding true priorities and making our lives less complex.”

- Yvonne Quarles


  1. Freedom is the most important thing. Freedom from work. Freedom from money. Freedom from religion.

    1. If other people are into work, money, religion and the complexity that comes with mainstream life, they have the freedom to pursue them. Just don't force that stuff on me.

    2. True. This is how mature people behave but most of the adults behave like kids. I have a few co-workers that on regular basis are telling me (or even insult!) that I should be living like them. One of them is very concerned that I don't have a car or don't travel when on holidays. Another of them is very religious and he is so concerned that I don't have wife and kids that he often insults me about that. If he knew I'm atheist he would burn me on stake! It is not funny at all. Funny thing is that he is so much into consumerism that money seem to be his most important GOD. He even often makes derogatory comments about poorer people or someone living simply for less money on purpose like it would be some kind of life goal to live in luxury. I did once told him about that kind of people like us (although I didn't reveal myself) living simply and he told me they need to be f*cked up haha! Probably we are. And I'm living like some ascetic atheist - irony. Live and let live - not many people understand it. Glad I can meet people like you on this blog. There are not many people thinking like that in real life - I've never met someone living simply.


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