October 27, 2014

Why Are We Here?

Healing, loving, creating together.

People have wondering about their ultimate purpose for as long as there have been people. The answer, I believe, is actually pretty simple, and it has nothing to do with shopping for things we don't need.

Regarding humanity's purpose, author Anthony Douglas Williams says:

"We are here to heal, not harm.

We are here to love, not hate.

We are here to create, not destroy."

If each of us made this our personal mandate we would not need police, or homeless shelters, or food banks, or war.

This week, and every week, I will make it my purpose to heal, love and create. It is simple, and it is why we are here.


  1. Beautiful and concise...perfect mantra for life

  2. The world has seemed like such a dark place to me as of late. Then I recently read a lovely quote "When all you see is darkness, maybe You are meant to be the light" I guess we really do need to heed the words of Gandhi and "Be the change we wish to see in the world"


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