September 27, 2014


Sunrise from our home on the hill spills hope all over the place.

At our last home on the west coast I witnessed about 3000 sunsets. Many of them were stunning and spectacular. But sunsets have a bit of a negative reputation. Sunsets signify endings and are slightly melancholy in nature, as in “one's sunset years”.

Sunrises are another thing all together. Sunrises symbolize beginnings, newness and the limitless potential each day brings. There is nothing more promising than a sunrise as you see hope itself rising on the horizon.

Here on the east coast we are perfectly situated to see sunrises. Since we have no window coverings, the morning sun comes in uninhibited to rouse us from our sleep. It beckons and gently cajoles us out of bed to greet the new day.

When we started NBA back in 2008 it looked to me like the beginning of the sunset years of environmental and soul destroying capitalist consumerism's reign. We decided then to go with a sunset image for the banner for our blog. Today we are more optimistic.

The end of consumerism is the beginning of better ways of living. The new sustainable age that we are now building together is based on hope and love. Like a sunrise.

We hope that our banner conveys a sense of hope and optimism as we learn, or relearn, more gentle ways of living together on our fragile planet.

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