May 11, 2014

Honouring Our Mothers

Gaia: Mother Earth by Christina Price

We need to start honouring our mothers, today, and every day. All of our mothers. Robin mothers, human mothers, and ultimately Mother Earth.

The painting above by Christina Price (an artist local to my area) stood out from all similar images. It was striking in that it is not as soft and decorative as some of the other depictions of the Mother of All.

But I think it is fitting that in this painting Gaia looks stern and perhaps even a little pissed. She should be upset. Some of her children have not been sincerely honouring her and her abundant gifts for a long, long time.

Western society is sadly lacking in valuing and expressing feminine energy and intuition. The overabundance of male energy has created a culture of action-at-all-costs resulting in violence and destruction.

We can honour all mothers by maintaining a balance of female and male, of yin and yang. We need both. Intuition, coupled with action, is where creativity and healing take place.

In balance we honour the feminine, and the Mother, and can do anything.

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