March 26, 2014

Less Is Better - No Makeup Selfies

Linda's no makeup selfie - how can you improve on such natural beauty?

This just in - more evidence proving that less is better. There are so many examples of this, and more turn up every day as the Age of Excess comes to a close. One recent excellent example is the wave of no-makeup selfies that are being posted to the internet as part of a fundraising campaign.

While many women already knew that makeup is just another wasteful consumer scam (Linda hasn't worn any makeup for almost 30 years), it seems like the fundraiser is acting as a wake up call for many women. And men.

Both men and women report feeling that when it comes to makeup, less is definitely better, regardless of what the cosmetics industry tells us. And that is without bringing up the fact that cosmetics are tested on animals, often with devastating effects.

"Polls show that the American public overwhelmingly supports alternatives to testing cosmetics on animals and that a majority believe that testing cosmetics on animals is unethical." - source

The no makeup challenge asked women to take a picture of themselves without makeup, post it, then nominate someone else to do the same. While initially a fund-raiser, the project has turned out to be an awareness-raiser as well.

It turns out that a lot of the selfies, sans paint, are eliciting compliments from both the women and men viewing all the beautiful faces in their natural glory.

When it comes to makeup, a very expensive and potentially harmful business, less is better, and for many women, it may turn out that none is best. After receiving compliments on how you look naturally, why bother with money-wasting, unnecessary cosmetic products?

"Almost any chemical – including those linked to breast cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and allergies – can be used in cosmetics."


  1. I think it really depends on the person. I have a minimalist makeup routine. However, I used to do makeup for a living and have seen firsthand how a "plain" woman can be transformed into a Hollywood-esque looking woman. I think that makeup, applied correctly can enhance the natural aspects. For me, mascara and eyeliner are must-haves. I have very light lashes, and mascara does a lot to accentuate my eyes (the feature I consider the best). I've tried going without it, but I've never felt great about my appearance then (even if I did receive compliments). To me, it matters most how you feel about yourself than others.

    As for the animal testing, I couldn't agree more. Thankfully, there are many organizations that let you know the brands that don't test. Plus there's that tells you the harmfulness of most products.

    1. Megyn,

      You are right - it is a highly personal issue like dealing with body hair or anything else having to do with our appearance.

      I feel better without a beard most of the time. But it can be expensive and time consuming trying to tame what comes naturally.

      Thank you for sharing the link, which I have added to the sidebar under "Web Resources".

  2. Anonymous3/26/2014

    Yes, less is best ! However what gets me hot under te collar is that society accepts men wit no make up in the world as OK but women have to wear makeup to complete their work attire HUH???? what te He,....... HUH?? why do men get to wear nothing and be acceptable but women have to cover their faces in lies to be accepted ?????? in society !!!

    1. Izzy,

      A disturbing double standard does exist, with less pressure on men to alter their appearance. Except shaving - men are pretty much expected to be clean shaven in most settings.

      Some day I may go shaving-free and grow a big, bushy beard, as nature intended.

  3. I really dislike seeing teenagers plastered in base coat. They think it hides their blemishes, when all it does is look like a thick coat of paint on topof their skin making it look crusty and unhealthy. Then the thick coats of mascara..hideous. Hair dye, straightening and the like, they look like fake painted dolls- lordy I hope mygirl doesn't grow up to want that.

    1. T.M.,

      Make up is being relentlessly marketed toward younger and younger girls. Such advertising should be considered child abuse, and made illegal.

  4. Anonymous3/28/2014

    What a lovely lady!
    Nothing wrong with a touch of mascara and lip gloss, but I hate to see women wearing a complete mask of makeup.


    1. JMacG,

      The mask-style makeup should be limited to the theatre where actors need it to portray the character they are playing. In this context it is a bit of make believe to trick the audience.

      The Lovely Linda says, "Thank you".

  5. Anonymous3/29/2014

    Agree with others, nothing like natural beauty and yes, what a lovely lady! You seem relaxed, Linda, upbeat and light. Most of all you seem happy, content. Thanks for sharing.

    My mother became a fashion model when I was entering my teen years. After modeling for a few years, she got a job teaching make-up, beauty and charm to female airline attendants (formerly called hostesses during the day). She never pushed any of it on me, but I was influenced probably more by culture than my mom. I watched shows like "That Girl" staring Marlo Thomas and during those years too. I wore make-up every day without fail for many years until I quit working (!!) Amazing how it became so much less important.

    I have a simple make-up routine if I am going certain places. I enjoy the artistry every once in a while. However, months go by without make-up.

    Isn't it especially nice to not be de-sensitized with commercial advertising and TV (because I rarely watch it and avoid as much advertising as I possibly can), so we can truly appreciate natural beauty?

    Some of those companies who claim, "No Animal Testing" can do so because they do not directly test on animals. However, they use ingredients in their potions that HAVE been tested on animals. Must say those companies are pretty tricky how they get those kinds of laws passed and get by with 'little' things like that.

    Wonderful picture of you Linda!


    1. Terri,

      Once again, advertising = evil. There has never been such a concentrated effort to control our minds and lives as with the marketing industry. "Legalized lying" some have called it.

      You have a very balanced approach to makeup, which is something considering your background. Linda has mentioned before the enjoyment of the artistry involved in highlighting your features with makeup. She also tells me that she watched "That Girl".

      Thank you for mentioning the fact that while the actual makeup may not have been tested on animals, it is possible that individual ingredients WERE tested on animals. More lies, or at least stretching the truth or not telling all the truth.

      Your assessment of the Lovely Linda is accurate. She is my favourite natural beauty inside and out. She is glad you enjoyed her picture, which was taken a while back after I cut her hair. She is a brave woman.

    2. Anonymous4/01/2014

      Have to tell you I laughed when I read that Linda watched That Girl too!! And that you cut her hair!!
      I think both of you are very brave to step out of mainstream and live consciously and thoughtfully and share it with others. But I know you were talking about Linda being brave for the hair cut. You did a very nice job on that BTW!
      Hello to Linda!


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