December 23, 2013

Putting The Planet First Monday

Good things happen when we put the planet at the centre of everything.
"We can pay the ecological debt by changing economic models, and by giving up luxury consumption, setting aside selfishness and individualism, and thinking about the people and the planet."

- Evo Morales
There is a new show in town that is re-establishing ancient, planet-based living. Fantastic things are happening as awareness grows and we leave old, outdated ways behind us.

The old hierarchy of what-is-important-in-life was all backwards. It put the least important thing at the centre, and the most important out in the periphery. This faulty world view enriched a small elite while creating great harm for the planet and all life on it.

Old Hierarchy
  1. Finance 
  2. Economy
  3. Society
  4. Planet
A new world view that turns the old hierarchy on its head has gained momentum as the drawbacks of the old order become clear. The new vision restores the planet to its rightful place at the centre of all that is important. 

With Mother Earth at the centre of everything, she is healed, and so are we.

New Hierarchy
  1. Planet
  2. Society
  3. Economy
  4. Finance
Welcome to the new order that puts the planet first and is restoring harmony and balance. This is the new show in town, and there is no audience - we are all actors.

Let's work together to give this play we call Life a happy ending.

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