May 28, 2012

No TV Monday

It's been great since we gave away the TV -
I could feel my neurons shutting down.
A comment about televisions that I read recently struck a chord with me - "You only think you need TV if you have a TV".

It has been a month since we liberated our home of our television. The post I wrote about it continues to be well read, and elicited several comments about readers' experiences with kicking the TV habit.

I enjoyed reading about the alternate activities that people are engaging in instead of spending time passively in the glow of the boob tube.

I read, listen to music, knit, etc. . . anything but watch TV. One of the benefits is that I sleep better.

We actually "do" things. Things like ride bicycles, walk, talk, read, cook and make meaningful decisions based on our own wants and needs and not based on what the television tells us what we need.

I prefer sitting in front of a computer, controlling the content that I am exposed to. 

Now that we do not have a TV, we see no need for one. I could quickly brainstorm 100 good reasons why we should not have an 'idiot box' (my dad's favourite term), but will spare you.

The problems with TV have always been known, but are becoming increasingly obvious.

More and more people are breaking free, and deciding to have no TV.

It is an encouraging trend.


  1. I hope to be TV-less in the future. I live with others at the moment, but as soon as I am on my own it can go. I really dislike the constant drone of sound and flickering images. It is like a mind control gadget

    1. It is too easy to just leave on and stare at... it never stops these days. The broadcast day is never over.

      It IS a mind control gadget. Don't get me started on video games. We gave away our game console at the same time as our TV.

      Bottom line was that these devices were not making us feel good.

      Good luck with TV-lessness.

  2. I struggle with the idea of getting rid of the TV. If I spend time reading romance novels and surfing the internet instead is it *really* better than watching a show or two I enjoy? I can't see that it is. And I enjoy having some downtime every day. That said, there are nights I choose to read instead of watch TV, and I'm turning off the tube more and more when there isn't anything I like on.

    1. Giving away our TV was not an easy decision to make. We occasionally saw excellent, educational programming that we were glad to have seen.

      However, the good stuff was not as common as the mindless stuff on the (free) channels we had available to us, and the advertising was too loud, and too irritating.

      But you are right on the money about all the other distractions around us. If we are just trading one screen for another, how much is really accomplished?

      You have the answer, of course, which is the judicious use of the on/off button on the remote.

      Thanks for offering a larger viewpoint.

  3. We are going to be TV-less in one week. We are moving this weekend and are not going to have it in our new house! Yay, I can't wait to get a new routine that doesn't involve an hour or more of sitting in front of that thing!

    1. Congratulations on your decision to try something different.

      It is exciting to change routines. At that moment, everything is possible.

  4. Jeremiah ThompsonFebruary 11, 2013

    I couldn't agree more! We are TV free, except for Netflix and DVDs. This way we control our content. It is great! When we do see TV at other times, we are appalled at the garbage and how they insult our intelligence and push consumerism.

    Our kids don't see all the commercials so they do not beg and plead for every new gadget.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. We've been TV-less for years now. I recently watched a little at my parent's house and guess the show was targeting a female audience. All the ads were for beauty or weight-loss products. It was sad thinking about so many women and girls being persuaded that they need to "improve." We will never have a TV again.

  6. When my husband and I got married and moved to our house, we didn't buy TV since we believed it was expensive for us and it is been almost a year we are living without TV!
    BUT you must know that I used to watch TV a lot, like two or three channels together( yes I did) and 10 to 12 hours straight without a break( only for bathroom) in weekends! so somehow I am so pride on myself!


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