May 30, 2011

More Music Monday

I gave my vinyl away a few years ago, but if I built a turntable, it would look like this one. More music, less complexity.

"Lovers of modern designs, haters of clutter and early adopters of weird new twists on classic technology will be excited about this stripped-down version of a record player. Called the “Turnstyle,” this bare-bones record player takes away everything but the very basics needed to extract sound from 12″ records.
The machine consists of a copper pipe, motor, needle, counterweight and speakers. The only controls included are those that turn the record player on and off. There are no fancy switches to get familiar with, no fiddly parts to worry about, and no superfluous material to clutter up your living space.
Of course, audio purists probably won’t want anything to do with a record player that has built-in speakers and metal pipes making up the body. But as far as minimalist audio designs go, this one is truly unique and beautifully streamlined."

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