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Quotes On My Fridge - These posts are a collection of good thoughts that end up hanging on our fridge. It is important to think good thoughts. What is on your fridge?

Amazing Feats Of Simplicity - These posts look at simple living role models that are going above and beyond while changing the way they, and others live. Topics could include historical figures, but I am also looking for individuals that are choosing simplicity today as a response to current global conditions. Email me or leave a comment here if you have a favourite person who is achieving amazing feats of simplicity.

No Mischief Mondays - The name comes from the Chinese saying, "Mischief comes from much opening of the mouth."  The brief posts featured here are often photos with a few lines of text. The less mischief the better, although sometimes I just can't help myself.

Make It Last - The posts in this collection all have to do with making the things we use last as long as possible. This is beneficial environmentally, but also from a budgeting point of view. We should be getting as much use as possible out of things that we have paid good money for.

Simple Pleasures - Ah, the little things. Often it is the little, simple things that can get us through the day if we are mindful enough to notice and appreciate them. This group of posts highlights some of the small things that can yield big benefits.

Extreme Frugal Living - These posts are about cutting to the necessities of life, and making do with less. What at first may feel like sacrifice, with time will be recognized as freedom.


  1. Hi--I just found your blog through the Minimalist Mom. I have to say, I don't think your lifestyle is extremely radical, though it is several steps closer to simplicity than my own. I am enjoying perusing the archives and getting ideas. Thank you!

    1. Hey Mama Minou,

      Welcome to NBA. We have had a great bunch of people come over from MM in recent days, and are honoured to have you visit.

      In the small west coast community I live in, our lifestyle is quite common. Many of my neighbours are ongoing sources of inspiration and wisdom when it comes to living simply.

      The same goes for many who comment on NBA. A lot of the people here have foregone wealth accumulation and material possessions in order to live the simple, free lives they want.

      They all lead the way for me, and show me that this is a worthwhile way of life to work toward.

      This blog is an accumulation of all such influences, and Linda and I are excited to share what we have learned and experienced.

      Thanks again for visiting. Hope to hear more about how your pursuits toward simplicity are going.

  2. Anonymous9/22/2013

    I no buy, hank dead.
    mom said: no


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