September 6, 2021

Why I Live Plain and Simple

Why live a plain, simple life? 

Plain living, as the Quakers say, allows us to listen for the "still, small voice of God". You don't want anything drowning that out.

Living plainly and simply requires one to discard the non-essential, or resist it from the start. 

Things that are not necessary get in the way of the things that are necessary. I have no time, effort or money for things that are not necessary.

When individuals become serious about learning more about themselves, the Universe, and their place in it, they don't usually go shopping.

They also probably don't go to movies, or restaurants, or the gym, or large entertainment gatherings. These all may be nice, but they are extra. 

And ultimately, unnecessary. 

One important reason I live a plain and simple life is to get rid of anything that gets in the way of that which is important.

When the still, small voice of The Universe speaks, I don't want to miss it.

It could be the buzz-buzz-buzz of the bumble bee going from nasturtium to nasturtium as I quietly harvest pole beans. 

Or the whispering of the wind in the trees  while I take in a solitary, contemplative walk.

It might be the bubbling and babbling of the brook, running to join the ocean (The Watery One) after a rain. 

Or the laughter of the new neighbour's  baby while I sit (not thinking, or worrying) on the patio.
In the cacophony of consumerism, and the lifestyle needed to support it, those peaceful voices are drowned out.

That is why I live plain and simple.


  1. Oh, how I envy you your location. Something similar was my long-ago life plan but life, as they say, had other plans for me. No regrets - I just live the simple life in the heart of a city. I haven't purchased anything but food this year; this is not a "no buy year challenge," it's just the way things have worked out. And that's fine. In fact it's glorious.

    1. We love where we live. However, It is a rental and things could, and will, change eventually. We are enjoying it while it lasts.

      A "No Buy Year Challenge" is a great way to go, and this is a great time to do it. Not that there is a bad time to do it.

      Have you noticed a reduction in your garbage output? It is something we have really noticed this year. We hardly ever have full garbage bags that need to be taken to the curb. No buy - no garbage.

      We agree wholeheartedly - it is indeed glorious.

    2. "No trash" is definitely a thing. Because I have never been much of an acquirer the whole "no buy day/week/month/year" thing has me a little bewildered - I find it a little astonishing that one would feel the necessity of declaring one day per week a "no buy day" as a means of reducing personal consumption, but on the other hand, I am happy to see people making some effort.

  2. Well You know you had me at "Quakers". I love the quakerly idea of "Unencumber". We must lay down all that is distracting us from the inner light. I always think of going on a journey and taking things out of my pack as I go along. Laying aside what doesn't matter and only carrying what is essential. That changes over the journey and sometimes I find something I've been carrying for a long time is no longer needed. I hope to reach my end with an empty pack.


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