April 8, 2021

This Isn't Working

Imagine if no one was trying to sell anyone anything.

The "economy" we are spending trillions of taxpayer's dollars trying to save is based on corporate beneficiaries wasting trillions more to convince people of one thing: 

Buying things will lead to happiness, and more buying equals more happiness.

We know that doesn't work, never has, and never will. It is time to quit hitting our bloodied heads on that brick wall.

Now would be a great time to stop pouring money into a system we know doesn't work, and start organizing ourselves in healthier, more effective ways.

There are many good ideas for how we can all move forward. What we lack is the will.

I admit, it is difficult to agree exactly how to proceed.

But that should not stop us from admitting one thing we do know about the way things are right now - and that is that this isn't working.

That admission would be the first step toward meaningful change.


  1. What works? I love what I am seeing with Mutual Aid Societies. They truly work miracles.

  2. One wonders if there has ever been a system that really worked. As a race (the human) we seem to get caught up in either wanting what the other guy has or being hell bent on being the guy with what the other guys want. We really are a sad lot.

    1. Watched the film "Affluenza" this morning. Produced in 1997 and just as relevant - if not more so - today as it was then. Full film available on YouTube - well worth watching.

  3. Keep on doing what you do. I think it is important and I personally derive a great heaping load of joy from it. I miss you both and hope all is well. Happy Spring! The Island is at that point where temperatures are higher and everything is about to explode...So nice. Love you muchas


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