February 23, 2021

Beauty In - Beauty Out

Image: Timothy Banks

What goes into the simple living pipeline?


What comes out at the end of the simple living pipeline?


Beauty in - beauty out.

Walking In Beauty - Navajo Prayer


Today I will walk out, today everything negative will leave me. 

I will be as I was before, I will have a cool breeze over my body. 

I will have a light body, I will be happy forever, nothing will hinder me. 

I walk with beauty before me. I walk with beauty behind me. 

I walk with beauty below me. I walk with beauty above me. 

I walk with beauty around me.


My words will be beautiful. 

In beauty all day long may I walk.

May we live simply and walk in beauty today.



  1. Anonymous2/24/2021

    Simple living is the key to it. If as much attention was payed to the well being of the environment as is to consumption, we would all be in a better place.

    1. It is a no-brainer. The well being of the environment is the only thing that matters in the end.

      Ignoring this fact is leading us into Peak Stupidity. Indiginous cultures have been warning us of this for hundreds of years.

      Hopefully the "new normal" will be all humanity diverting our collective attention from dead-end thinking and actions toward honouring the beauty of creation in all we do.

      It is deeply satisfying to choose to walk in the beauty of simplicity. If we aren't doing that, what are we doing?


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