May 15, 2020

Booming Bicycle Sales Show Shift Toward Simplicity

Overheard the other day:

"What is something you are looking forward to doing after the pandemic is over?"

"Continuing the family bike rides that we have started while staying at home."

Does anyone else feel the Earth moving under their feet? 

Is that the rumble of people giving up driving for riding? Right now car sales are down, and bicycle sales are up. Guaranteed no one saw that one coming just a short while ago.

Not only are bike sales up, bike servicing is as well as people drag old bikes out of basements and garages and bring them in for a tune up. 

Whether it is to get out of the house, get exercise, spend more time with family and friends, or have a less expensive way to commute that doesn't involve being in close proximity to other commuters, people have been turning to the glory that is the bicycle. 

One of the best headlines I have read recently is "Bike Business Booming During Pandemic". That booming you feel is a mass turn toward simplicity. 

The acquisition of a bicycle, after all, is one of the most simple (and wonderful) acts a modern person can engage in. 

To alter the H.G. Wells quote a bit, I can say that, "when I see an adult get set up on a bike, I no longer despair for the human race".

And when I see large masses of adults buying new bikes, and repairing old ones, I start to think, "Hey, we might actually turn this thing around."

Here's to riding our way to a new, better world.


  1. Anonymous5/15/2020

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    1. I agree with what you are saying, but not the way you are saying it. I am wondering what you see as solutions to the very serious problems you point out. In my opinion, hate is not a solution. I can see what it is doing to you. The problem is, do you think your targets even know you exist?

      I do, and I wish I could help you before that hot coal in your hand burns the enjoyment of life right out of you. If hate is the problem, then love is the answer.

      You go ahead and hate us if you want, but you can't stop us from loving you in return.

      Thanks for being a regular reader of our blog. How can we help you if you aren't here?

      We love you. Unconditionally.

  2. I am really loving that bikes are popular again- a silver lining?! The biggest pleasure for my family has been that my daughter (5 going on 6 in a few weeks) just started riding her bicycle. In March she was a shaky fearful newbie and now she pedals to the end of the driveway with strong legs and gleefully coasts down the slight slope. It gives me great joy to watch her fall in love with riding a bike so that she can feel the joy of the open trails/roads on her own one day when she is older!

    1. A new bike rider. Very exciting. Congratulations. Here is to a lifetime of riding pleasure.

  3. Anonymous5/15/2020

    This is great news, Gregg! Must admit I don't ride my bike much, but I walk a lot - it is only 1 to 1.5 miles to the store or library (when it was open...). I'll get my bike out more this summer. I have noticed more bikers around the neighborhood recently, as well as lots more walkers. Everyone doing their best to stay healthy. It would be great if my city would do more to make biking safer in the main areas (I have contacted them with input). Fingers crossed the more bikes tread changes the traffic patterns around here too! - All the best, Mary

    1. I believe that in the near future, cities will be designed for many modes of travel, not just the personal automobile. That has to happen as cars are on the way out. When cars go out, biking becomes safer and more desirable.

  4. I love to walk! I rode a bike when I was younger. Now I feel it's too dangerous for me. If I were to fall at my age, I don't think my body would take it very well. Also, drivers in cars don't pay attention and that worries me. I am glad though to see other people riding bikes. I think its great! Another positive sign of the times is that homeowners are doing lots of sprucing up at home. Here we have curbside trash/yard debris pick up, (the claw!), and there have been huge piles of yard debris, junk and even some good, usable items being put out for others to take. We have a neighborhood curb alert Facebook page and something is posted on it every day. We got rid of a window yesterday that way. It's really been fantastic and our development has never looked better.

    1. I love to walk, too. Often when I am out biking I will stop to also do some walking when I want to go at a slower pace and see more. I love the curbside redistribution of free goods. Free, free, free!


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