November 4, 2019

The NBA DIY Weather Centre

Current conditions: moderate southwest wind, no precipitation,
mix of sun and cloud.

Although Bob Dylan reaffirmed that you don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing, I am still seduced by high-tech home weather stations.  There are basic models available that I could hook up to my computer. 

But then I would have to buy something. Something that I don't need.

So how to set up the NBA Weather Centre with what I already have on hand?

Well, I already have bean poles, and I found a nice white ribbon in my Resource Drawer Of All Things Potentially Useful One Day (which is like a very small general store or curio warehouse).

Right there I had everything I needed. I tied the ribbon near the top of one of my tallest bean poles. I used two others to brace it against the coming winter storms. 


Here is how it works.

Wind Speed

- when the ribbon hangs straight down, it is calm.

- when the ribbon is moving, it is windy. It points away from the prevailing wind. 

- relative wind speed can be assessed by the angle of the moving ribbon. The closer to horizontal, the faster the wind speed. If the poles blow down, batten the hatches.


- if the ribbon is dry, there has been no recent precipitation

- if the ribbon is wet, it is either currently raining, or has rained in the past 24 hours. 

In addition, real time observations can be made outside (or from our windows) to supplement the data from our not buying anything, low tech meteorological instrument. 

A modification I will make is to add to the pole some gratitude/intention flags made out of scrap material, thus converting the apparatus into the NBA Weather and Gratitude/Intention Centre.

We will be able to assess the weather, spread/attract good vibes, and create an even more sacred space all at the same time.


  1. Anonymous11/04/2019

    Gratitude/intention flags, lovely. DIY, great also!

    I had gotten into the habit of checking the weather every day online, especially in Winter so I would know whether to get the fire going early or keep it going overnight. One day I suddenly woke up to myself. What did I do before computers? I stepped outside into the garden, looked up at the sky, possibly said 'hmmmm' and used my innate human intuition and intelligence to decide whether or not to stoke up the fire, pack a cardigan for work or get excited because there might be a bit of rain or snow coming.

    How did I let myself get so dumbed down? How did I let myself become so worried I might make the wrong decision? Isn't part of the excitement of life making the wrong decision sometimes and perhaps waking up and dashing across the cold floor boards to put another log on the fire?


  2. I liked the one when we lived in Wyoming. If the chain was straight out from the pole it was a breezy day.


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