August 20, 2019

Consumerism From The Point of View of Artist Tony Futura

"We have the entire world at our fingertips and have no idea what to do with it."

Tony Futura is a German multimedia digital artist based in Berlin. He creates art that pushes the viewer to see materialism and the pop-culture obsession of modern Western life differently.

I can't get enough of that kind of thing, so will let Futura, and his art, do the talking.

"My work has a strong focus on visual ideas that combine objects and play with known images to create a new perspective on things we know from pop-culture, art, consumerism and everyday life."

"I like to work with points of view on things, so i am quite interested in what people think about certain images or other people like celebrities for example."

"I would rather spent money on high quality clothes then buying new stuff every couple of weeks."

"I always have the feeling that i need more time to enjoy life and work more on my personal projects."

"The search for new ways to see things is quite fun and there is not a single day where I can't stop thinking about what I can do next."

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8/21/2019

    Really thought-provoking art. The dollar sign/snake and the pills on the Rolling Stones tongue were the pieces that sure got my attention. Thank you for sharing his art and philosophy. -- Mary


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