January 17, 2019

Turn Your Credit Cards Into Something Useful

Credit cards, as well as gift cards, are NOT recyclable. What a waste. But good things can be done with them.

This, however, is the best use of credit cards that I have seen yet. 

Don't just cut them into little pieces and throw them out - use this handy dandy tool to repurpose them as guitar picks.

Guitar not included, but you could probably make one of those out of credit cards too, if you tried.

There are many other good things people have found to do with repurposed credit and gift cards, such as mosaics, curtains, and wreathes. But for me, the plectrum is perfect.


  1. Wow what an awesome idea! There has got to be a market for these lol. I only had one rarely used credit card years ago and when i decided to no longer carry debt of any kind, i created artwork out of mine. It wasn't nearly as good as this idea but served the same purpose of not being used for their intended use. Would love to know what else readers might have done with theirs?!

  2. What a clever idea!


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