October 14, 2018

Peak Colour In The Acadian Forest

Fall colours along my local rails to trails route.

After living in the Acadian forest of Nova Scotia for 4 years I can say that it is every bit as splendid as was the coastal rain forest of Vancouver Island, BC. 

What my new forest lacks in sheer tree size compared to the west coast giants, it easily makes up in diversity and colour.

Historically, peak colour in Nova Scotia occurs some time in October, depending on the weather. This year we are pretty close to peak right now, based on what I see out of my window, as well as on recent bike rides into the wild woods.

What a pallet of colours - everything from green leaves denying the inevitable abscission about to take place, to the more advanced yellow, red, and orange. 

When the wind blows, the air becomes a leafy pointillist canvas for a moment, then is gone. Like a shredded Banksy painting. Or the warm temperatures.

A coolness is descending, and we just gathered around our first cozy wood fire of the season, but it is all beautiful. 

The trees teach us a valuable lesson in letting go of unnecessary things and moving on in the cycle of life. That's beautiful, too.

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  1. We were just there and I have to say it was so beautiful, but you need to come out to our desert Idaho and see some beauty.


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