June 10, 2018

Me Simplified

Birthplace: Earth


Religion: Love

Family: Humanity

Politics: Freedom

Passion: Nature

Goal: Self-Realization

Medicine: Laughter

Lifestyle: Simple


  1. It doesn't get any better or more simple than this!

  2. Anonymous6/10/2018

    Love it! Put a smile on my face, thank you! -- Mary

  3. Anonymous6/12/2018

    Love the mug shots, Gregg, they gave me a much needed chuckle. As always, grateful for your internet presence.


    PS hello Terri, good to see some comments from you lately. I hope you are travelling well :-)

    1. Thanks Madeleine, it's a great place to be and I've missed everyone. I am still reading just not able to comment as much. Things calming a bit now. Hope you are travelling well also! Terri

  4. Thanks, everyone. That is me - guilty as charged.


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