June 30, 2018

Cold Food For Hot Days - Nori Wraps

Nori wraps are like sushi without the rice, or meat... which wouldn't be sushi, technically speaking.

Summer is hitting our area with a persistent heat wave forecast for the next week. When the weather gets hot, Linda and I reach for our list of no-cook meals. Or, like today with our nori wraps, we add to our list.

Having never tried making these riceless, meatless wraps before, we were in full experimental mode - anything could happen. Another adventure in cookery.

In times like this, we figure that with yummy ingredients, it doesn't really matter what happens, as it is bound to be delicious regardless of the final result. 

Or at least edible. 

You can't go wrong with beautiful ingredients like this.

Our ingredient list included thin sliced radishes from our garden, sticks of firm tofu, slices of yellow bell pepper, thin sliced cucumber, and avocado chunks for the filling. Sushi nori provided the wrapping agent.

It turned out to be a meal as glorious to make as it was to eat, considering the fresh ingredients that popped and crackled with colour and life as they lay ready on the cutting board. Or was I having a bout of heat stroke?

I placed the ingredients on the bottom of the nori, same as making a burrito. Then I wrapped it in much the same fashion, but much more delicately so as not to tear the nori. Before closing, I ran a bead of water along the top of the sheet to help it seal shut in the final wrap.

We cut each roll into 4 or 5 sections, then dipped them in a sauce of Bragg (soy sauce works, too) and sesame oil. Peanut sauce would also be good. 

These turned out so well that they are destined to become a regular go-to meal for hot days like today. Or any time. 

Stay cool. Hydrate. Move slowly. Rest in the shade of a tree. Eat cold, yummy food. 

I am ready.

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