May 30, 2018

Nature Pictures Improve Cognitive Function

I was going through some of my west coast nature photographs today, instead of working on my last post of the month. 

The pictures had such a relaxing effect on me, I decide not to write (or rant), at all. Sometimes writing on a schedule is too complex for me, and is possibly inconsistent with the ultimate simple life. I think about that sometimes.

This is consistent with my motto: "Simplify, Simplify, Simplify". There is always less to be done.

I share my photographs in the hopes that they will have a similar relaxing effect on you, and encourage you to do less for a while. It has been shown to be time well spent.

Looking a pictures of nature has the effect of giving the viewer a cognitive boost. In one study, researchers had participants view pictures of nature scenes, or city streetscapes, for 10 minutes in a quiet room. 

They concluded that cognitive performance improved after participants viewed the nature photographs, but not the street scenes. You will not find any street scenes in my photo collection.

I estimate that my brain was functioning at least 20% better after looking at my pics today. I should add here, that doing nothing is good for your brain, too. 

Most of the time, my brain feels about 50% more on the ball after doing nothing for a while.

Individual results may vary.


  1. If looking at nature pictures improves cognitive function by 20%, how much would going out into actual nature (gasp!) improve it?
    Lovely photos, thank you, I can feel myself getting cleverer already:) And like you, I find doing nothing to be very good for my health and well-being, though I am not sure what it does for my brain..

  2. Anonymous5/31/2018

    Amen, to your post! I agree!

  3. Anonymous5/31/2018

    Beautiful Gregg, thank you. We are not separate from nature, although this is the modern delusion. Seeing pictures or actually being in nature takes us back 'home'.


  4. Wow! This is how I was spending the last couple of hours, living by the precept which I thank you for putting into words, "There is always less to be done." Brilliant. Thank you!!

    1. Just borrowed "There is always less to be done" and put it on the wall in my office (even though my job is pretty easy and no stress). Great quote! That and the gorgeous, vibrant pictures above (so real I felt like I was right there relaxing by the stream sitting on a rock) have made my day seem very zen-like. Om.

  5. On my walk tonight I took many photos of the beautiful flowers, nice to know it improved my cognition! Looking at your photos did that too! With my collection of nature photos, I should be off the charts genius by now! Love photos!


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