April 4, 2018

Got The Winter Blues?

I took this picture outside our west coast home on Vancouver Island. Spring weather comes early there.

Got the blues? Is persistent winter-like weather getting you down? Or maybe the Robins just haven't returned to your neighbourhood yet.

For fast acting relief, administer these soul soothing sounds directly into your ears:

Robin Song (click me)

Repeat as necessary.

Side effects include:

  • elation
  • a strong desire to be outside on a warm evening
  • an increase in your resolve to make it through one more winter

100% all natural, organic ingredients.


  1. Anonymous4/05/2018

    Thank you for the Robin song. They are back in our neighbourhood but I am not out in the yard enough to hear them.
    The cold still has us in it's grip......maybe next week, fingers crossed

    1. I was just outside, and there is a fierce cold wind blowing. Still, I heard a new bird song while I was out, which caused me to be amazed at the tenacity of little migrating birds. It made me smile, and the cold wind felt a little less cold.

  2. Glad to see you re-post this awesome photo. My patio door is open and bird songs are streaming live. Bliss!

    1. Terri z,

      Very good. Your memory is working just fine. You have the best live stream ever.

  3. Anonymous4/05/2018

    How beautiful, I haven't heard the robin sing before as they do not live in my part of the country. It's Autumn here now and the air is still full of birdsong.


    1. Madeleine,

      The calendar is not the most accurate way for us to assess when Spring arrives. The arrival of robins from their wintering grounds are the real measure. Birds sing the sacred songs of Nature. I can't imagine a world without them.


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