January 14, 2018

Mother Earth - #MeToo

“Changing sexist, misogynist attitudes is not a simple endeavor. Replacing a violent, extractivist mindset with one of respect and stewardship is a non-trivial undertaking, particularly in view of fact that the forces that profit from continued strife, exploitation, greed and conflict are very wealthy, very powerful and highly motivated to preserve the enormous riches they have accumulated.  
As long as this paradigm of violence, destruction, and exploitation continue on the global scale, it will continue to reverberate into vulnerable individuals, creating pain, suffering, exploitation, and degradation on the human scale.”

- Christopher Majka


  1. Anonymous1/15/2018

    This disease is a consequence of the slave societies that existed many years ago. The powerful will use force and seduction to control. They will create escapist technologies and enslave with debt. Society is structured so they can profit at all levels.
    The way to resist is to use simplicity while the powerful like to overcomplicate and control, those who resist can use simplicity and respect for all sentient beings that includes those of different races, gender, sexuality and of course animals. Ecosystems need to be protected along with rivers and mountains given rights.
    This pointless growth with which our society is obsessed needs to end and we need to engage with spiritual and ecologic growth.

  2. Anonymous1/16/2018

    I am reading an outstanding book right now, and I think it is appropriate to mention it here so that my NBA friends can enjoy it, too.
    Kalmus has a clear-eyed view of our planet's current state and shows the way to a better path through his daily living decisions. While many of us no doubt are already living many of his suggestions, it is great for me to be reminded that I am not the only one concerned about the fate of our species, and that of our cousin-species. They need our help (to stop the ever-growing growth!) and we do, too. Peace, all, Erin


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